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3. Apr 2022

#016 Business End

Clients & Promises

There were early signs that a new-ish travel agency that wanted to go the distance with me, a discussion that sort of went away when the millionth wave of Covid hit us. But when I decided to ramp things up again, they were all in and I have had some really interesting discussions with them.

And then I got an opportunity to talk to one of the largest sports and health travel company here in Iceland I jumped at the chance. They are in the process of selecting an new booking system and they wanted in. So in the fall, they will be operating fully on Itsy, which is fantastic news! Perfect timing :)

I will be able to model the processes I have in my head with the processes of these two clients, which is the best way to have the product take it's first steps and mature into something great. With these two commitments, it really adds to the pressure of delivering on the promises I made in the beginning. But I am committed. And there is no letting up now.

Current Timeline

My next milestone is to be able to create live orders with payments before I run a marathon in Copenhagen on May 15th. The external booking process is mostly done, with some finessing to be done, and I am hard at work on the backend system. It will be pretty basic at first but over the summer become more mature and feature rich.

Next steps in that process is for my first client to setup their Trips in Itsy so that they can be bookable in the public booking flow.

  • May 15th => Create live orders with payments
  • Sept 1st => Go live with a fully functioning backend

Site Updates

I updated this site from the beta version of eleventy, using the 1.0.0 version right now. I had to make some minor changes to the base code, but nothing big. Eleventy is a static site generator where I can create a static site with a smart templating engine where I can write these updates in Markdown.