Travel Planning made simple for small travel agencies.

We aim to make travel agency software a pleasure to use and empower travel professionals to deliver excellent experiences for their clients.

Everything you need to run your travel business

It doesn’t matter what size your business is, our software will work well for you.

Simple pricing, fit for everyone

Pricing is simple. Just like Itsy. You estimate your needs and pick your lane. You can change lanes, but you really don't have to.

  1. 0 EUR


    Free forever with no frills, but great featureset.

    • 5 Orders
    • 100 Public views
    • 10 Emails sent
    • 50 Automations
  2. 50 EUR


    Good for small agencies with a little more juice.

    • 10 Orders
    • 200 Public views
    • 20 Emails sent
    • 100 Automations
  3. 125 EUR


    Perfect for small & medium sized businesses.

    • 50 Orders
    • 1.000 Public views
    • 100 Emails sent
    • 500 Automations
  4. 250 EUR


    For even the biggest enterprise companies.

    • Infinity Symbol Orders
    • Infinity Symbol Public views
    • Infinity Symbol Emails sent
    • Infinity Symbol Automations

Integrations in Itsy

Itsy wants to be small and simple, and will for that reason not do everything. But it will be able to connect to other systems and align it's processes with applications that can do a much better job.






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