31. Oct 2023

#024 Tour of America

Over the weekend a new test client for Itsy called AmerĂ­kuferĂ°ir launched a website built by me and using the Itsy Booking System as their booking engine and backend for their entire operation.


Numerous pricing adjustments have been implemented, prompting my focus on developing an innovative Rates engine. This tool aims to empower Itsy users, enabling them to dynamically price their products and trips within a highly adaptive platform.

Moreover, a comprehensive overhaul of the booking platform was undertaken to align with the intricacies and enhanced capabilities of the new rates engine. This revamp was necessary due to the substantial differences and increased complexity compared to the previous solution.

I now possess the capability to expand our customer base on the platform, and my current focus lies in completing the development of the charging mechanism, a pivotal step that will enable me to realize a return on my time investment and monetize the efforts I have dedicated thus far.