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14. Nov 2022

#019 Real Payments

Yup, we are for real!

Over these past few weeks the first client has been adding their orders to the Itsy system, sending out payment reminders and watching their customers completing payments in real time. It has been such a fascinating journey to watch and take part in, and very fulfilling to see that my ideas of how Itsy should work are really coming into their own.

I have built integrations with three payment platforms already, Valitor (Rapyd), SaltPay and Stripe. The first two are very much for the Icelandic market, but I wanted to test out a Stripe integration with the Itsy payment flow just to validate my ideas and to see if I was on the right path. And I am!

Signup and Pricing

When to we open up for the first signups? Soon ... I promise! There are a few things I want to fix before I can let other companies into the system, but that will not take long.

I am also working on the pricing structure, and I want that to be ready before I open things up, altough all new signups will have access to all elite features at the start. But the pricing will be different from most other systems that you are used to, perfectly situated for the small business that I am trying to focus on. Pricing levelts will bee Free - Core - Pro - Elite. And there will always be a free tier in Itsy.

Booking flow

=> Book a Golf trip in Iceland

Here is the public booking flow for a Trip in Itsy. You begin by selecting the number of travellers, then choose options for your trip, add information about all travellers and finally you can fully pay for your trip using the Stripe integration.

This public booking process is included in all pricing structures in Itsy, but that is not all. There is the possibility of sending confirmation emails with a link to a public overview of the order, see an example here.

All public pages can be translated, and are currently available in English and Icelandic.

.NET 7

Microsoft just launched a new version of the .NET runtimes, and I updated all relevant project to the updated framework. And it was just a breeze, no errors or failures that I can see. This update brings significant performance upgrades both to the core framework and to Entity Framework, the ORM solution that I am using. There are a lot of performance upgrades that I can now do in the code, something I will be working on from time to time in the coming months.