1. Sep 2022

#018 Back Home

The Summer of 2022 was epic!

Reykjavík > Copenhagen > Stockholm > Borlänge > Berlin > Prague > Pakoštane > Geneva > Lyon > Madrid > Tenerife > London > Edinburgh > Reykjavík.

Three months. Twelve places. That was my summer. What a fantastic journey!

I was able to balance work and travel experiences in a way that I was not expecting. I am pretty set in my ways usually and want things to be "just so" with my work setup. My big ass monitor, desk and chair. But squeezing in a few hours pr. day in cafes and hotels and pretty much anywhere with an internet connection was much easier than I thought when we began this journey.

In most of the places we stayed, I was able to set up a bit of a dedicated workspace with my MacBook and iPad. But not all, so I worked in sooo many different cafes, where the coffee and wifi were the most important ingredients.

We learned a lot during the summer, but now it's back to the day-to-day. My wife is going back to school and I sit in my Aeron chair at my own desk writing this, but in the knowledge that I can be much more flexible in life and assured that this is not the last time we do this. But next time we will not visit as many different places and spend more time in each place. More like 1 to 3 places, but not 12!

But what about Itsy?

With Itsy, I have been testing things a lot these past few weeks, getting ready for full production for our first customer. I have been focusing on finessing the user and data flows in the system, making sure the infrastructure on Google Cloud Platform is in place and I can scale the application out as needed.

I have so many ideas I want to implement, but they will be done in cooperation with our clients.

So things are progressing, and definately looking positive!