12. Aug 2022

#017 Big Milestone

What have I been doing?

On May 13th I left Iceland to run the Copenhagen Marathon, which took place on May 15th. The run went as expected, though I did not reach my target of finishing under 4 hours, I had a blast with my friends before, during and after the marathon. Since then, me and my wife have been travelling around Europe while renting out our apartment back home. I have my computer with me and have been working most of the time, splitting my time between Itsy and the paying clients of Cloud Consulting. That has been some journey. Currently I am in country number 8, with 9 and 10 on the horizon before we come back home at the end of August.

Keep it Simple, Stupid

Sometime in the beginning of June things were not progressing at the pace I wanted and I decided to simplify things quite a bit and follow the KISS mantra with all my heart, Keep It Simple, Stupid. That had quite the effect. Both on the application (which is a lot smoother now) and me, as I found a lot more drive to get a version out the door that I could be proud of.

First Customer Login

So the big milestone is that this week the first customer was able to log into the application and take a first, early peek at what I have been doing for the better part of 18 months. Hopefully that goes well, and then I can open the application up for more beta testing in the coming weeks.