5. Jan 2022

#015 Starting Over?


Hell yeah! Never left really ... it just really, really slowed down. But in the new year, I really want to deliver on the ideas I had in the beginning and see where they can take Itsy.


Well, not quite starting over ... but there is some truth in this update. In the beginning I was using Itsy as a means of learning new things, working on code that I had not worked on before and getting to know new databases, platforms and technologies.

And after working quite hard for about nine months for different clients within a very exciting space, I have decided to swith some things around and use different technologies than I had decided in the beginning. The workarounds needed for things to work on non relational databases for instance were just to great, so I decided to use Postgres instead. Oh, and moved from Vue to React/Next.js ... but yeah, no big change there ;)

During the holiday season me and my wife traveled to Tenerife, and whenever I had some downtime there (usually when the only one awake in the hotel room was me) I spent some time on Itsy, figuring out a new tech stack, but keeping faith in what I want to deliver in my MVP, which I will be sharing very, very soon.

And in the new year, I want to be more focused on splitting my time between my consulting clients and Itsy, blocking of time every week for both.


Finishing an MVP as soon as possible is on the horizon, but when that will be is not quite clear ... but I will keep you posted :)