Photo by Ralph (Ravi) Kayden on Unsplash

#014 Slowing Down

19. Jun 2021


It's summer. Vacation time. And things have been happening. So, sadly I need to slow down. Just for my own sanity and stopping the guilt of not be working on the most exciting project I have ever taken on.

And that is my real feeling, I really think this could be something. Something big ... but when you are being pulled in all directions, something has to give, and I will slow Itsy down a bit.


So instead of having an MVP this summer, as was my first thought, I am looking at the end of the year for that, and based on all my consulting work, will see how far I can get in the new year for a full launch.

So these emails will not be coming every week, but at a staggered rate, when I feel there is something to share.


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