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#008 I'm Vaccinated!

8. May 2021


This last Thursday I was coming to the end of my run in Heiðmörk, I got a text saying that I could come by and get my first jab. So I did. All sweaty after a run on the trails. In my dirty running clothes!

But I felt privelidged to be able to get my vaccine, let go of all my reservations about how I looked or smelled, took my place in the Laugardalshöll Sports Center, but did not have to roll up my sleeve, since I was just wearing my running t-shirt :)

No side effects yet, but was a little under the weather yesterday, but all is good now, as I am heading out the door in a few minutes for my long run in this gorgeous Icelandic spring weather.

SO FAR ...

As for Itsy, the going has been good this week. I set myself a target in my last update, and I stuck to it. Did nothing else than work on the public booking widget and some refactorings that needed to be done. They are now complete, and it's now possible to go through the whole booking process and complete the order with a payment from an external payment gateway!

It felt great to be able to complete that process, I have been a little muddled in my targets these last few weeks, so getting down to business felt great and being able to complete something I set out to do was fantastic.


Though you can go through the booking process in the public widget and complete an order, there are a few things I need to finalize in the process. How the order is moved from pending state to complete (which will be handled by a Google Cloud Function), handling payment errors and canellcations gracefully as well. Just some finetuning. And that will be my week :)


  • Code commits: 10 (179 total from 5th of Feb)
  • Logged hours: 14


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